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Refuse Sacks

_Available in variety of colors_

Heavy Duty Refuse Sacks

Garbage bags, also known as refuse sacks, is the most common method of hygenically collecting rubbis. Our heavy duty refuse sacks for waste disposal come in a variety of sizes, thickness and colours depending on the needs of your business.

Designed with convenience in mind, Our premium garbage bags, compactors are ideal for heavy loads as they will not tear or punture. Refuse sacks are also ideal to store your unused items while providing protection from dust.

_Produced from 100% recycled materials_

Bag On Roll

Supplied on a roll for your convenience and ease of use, these black bin bags are perfect for use in industrial and domestic environments – whether you are cleaning or clearing out a space, or looking for convenient way to line your bins.

100% recycled.

Heavy Duty Black Compactor Sacks 22x34x47″
Heavy Duty Rubble Sacks
Apollo 10×30 (10 pcs on roll x 30 Rolls per box) 18x29x34″
Apollo 20×30 (20 pcs on roll x 30 Rolls per box) 18x29x34″
Standard – 10 x 20 –
Standard – 20 x 20 –
Standard – 50 x 10 – 18x29x32″

Corporate Social Responsibility

At High Gene we are contnuously developing methods to reduce our carbon footprint. We ensure that we comply with our obligatons to the environment by recycling any scrap material. Where possible, we manufacture and promote products which include biodegradable and compostable propertes. Ensuring that once disposed, your products disintegrate 95% faster than conventional products. Many of our products are made from recycled materials, and those which are not are 100% recyclable.

Our environmental and sustainable policy is constantly seeking to achieve measurable improvements in working conditons at our key sites. We strive to meet all of our performance indicatons for evaluating our supply chain. Sustainability issues are discussed and acted on a day to day basis. Our purchasing and design teams work closely with our supply chain to ensure ethical sourcing standards are upheld throughout the manufacturing process.

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